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Electrostatic Spraying Service and Disinfection for Businesses in Fort Worth, Texas

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Fort Worth, TX, is the 12th-largest city in the nation, boasting a 35-block downtown district and award-winning arts and culture experience. Millions of visitors flock to Forth Worth every year to take in races at the Texas Motor Speedway or to see the top-ranked Kimball Art Museum.

No matter where residents and tourists of Fort Worth take their business, they want peace of mind knowing the restrooms, kitchens, and dining spaces they visit are clean and sanitary. The electrostatic spraying services offered by Enviro-Master of Fort Worth help make it all possible.


The Benefits of Enviro-Master's Electrostatic Spray Include:

  • Improved infection control
  • Reduced spread of viruses
  • Reduced risk of foodborne illness
  • Covers more surface area in less time
  • Allows an efficient and controlled application
  • Protects surfaces between cleanings

How Electrostatic Spray Makes Surfaces Safer to Touch

Electrostatic spray disinfection offered by Enviro-Master is unique in that it uses an electrical charge to allow a strong, hospital-grade disinfecting solution to cling to surfaces for longer than normal. Unlike conventional methods that allow disinfectant to disappear moments after application, our electrostatic sprayer ensures problem surfaces, such as sinks, countertops, faucets, and door handles stay germ-free between applications. This means visitors and employees are exposed to fewer bacteria throughout the week. 

Where Our Electrostatic Spray Can Be Applied

But our electrostatic spray technology isn't just all about restrooms. It's an ideal solution for a variety of high-touch surfaces including kitchens, food-prep areas, and common spaces. Because the cleaners we use are tough on germs, yet safe for people and pets, they're great at killing 99.9 percent of the bacteria that cause food-borne illnesses.

What Our Customers Say

hank theriot

Kilean, from this company came here to my restaurant red lobster of Plano and helped us get situated for our big inspection and walkthrough with the higher ups and made sure of restaurant was to standard. So thankful we had there services! Afterward Jeff came by to double check everything thing went great and that’s feels good to have a company to have your back like them! Highly recommend

Harry Fogle

Jeff is an excellent sales representative. Very professional family man. Sells me exactly what I need, suggests only when asked. He also does great quality check, our custodial staff including Mirna & Kielyn are willing to drive the extra mile literally. I love the way our public bathrooms gleam after a good clean from Enviro-Master of DFW.

How Our Electrostatic Spraying Service Works

Through our unique application that uses a spray gun, we’re able to protect a larger surface area in less time. The charged particles that are released cling to the surface they touch, effectively coating it in protection. Electrostatic application of disinfectant is ideal for infection control, and it’s safe enough for routine commercial cleaning.

Trust the Experts to Keep Your Space Clean

The cleaners we use are FDA-approved, non-toxic to humans and pets, non-corrosive, and food-safe. There’s no chemical smell or taste left behind by our electrostatic spray equipment. And there are no limitations on who it can benefit. Enviro-Master is happy to clean your eatery, entertainment venue, industrial space, retail store, or art studio. We serve hospitals and clinics, warehouses, apartment complexes, and office buildings. Anywhere there’s a risk of disease or infection, Enviro-Master is on the job.

We offer a long list of commercial cleaning services to address every need and every space including:

Safe & Effective Disinfection Services in Fort Worth, TX

Enviro-Master offers commercial cleaning services nationwide and throughout Canada. Since 2009, we’ve been making life healthier and spaces cleaner for thousands of North American business owners by killing the harmful germs and bacteria that spread disease.

If you’re the owner or manager of a commercial space in the Fort Worth area, we invite you to contact Enviro-Master Services today for a free consultation or risk-free estimate. Hundreds of property owners in and around Forth Worth already rely on Enviro-Master for cleaner surfaces, fresher restrooms, and happier guests. Our innovative electrostatic spraying service can help your business thrive, too. Call today to learn more.

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