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5 Signs It’s Time to Hire a Commercial Cleaning Service

In business, managers typically keep an eye on key performance indicators, or KPIs. They provide specific measures that show whether a business is on track in ways that will affect its long-term performance and may also be of short-term concern. Typically, these KPIs are related to measures such as employee satisfaction, customer traffic, new and repeat customers, revenue growth, employee time spent on essential business, and customer satisfaction.

When these numbers fall off, hiring a commercial cleaning service can help push them back where they should be. Hygiene and cleanliness are key values that reflect the overall operation of the business. From commercial cleaning and disinfecting service to tile and grout cleaning service and commercial drain treatment, there are lots of ways you can get help. Management seeking to keep KPIs on track or restore lagging ones should consider these five signs that it’s time to hire a commercial cleaning service like nationally recognized Enviro-Master Services.

1. Visibly Unsanitary Conditions

Even businesses that have a hard time keeping up with the mess like fast-paced food service and auto repair have found ways to keep clean and organized. Cleanliness reflects a level of professionalism and concern not only for appearances but also health. In unsanitary conditions, the presence of biological hazards and other health issues is always on people’s minds. Clean and sanitary spaces show that people are a priority, which is why services like commercial bathroom cleaning are important.

2. Employees Who Are Frustrated with Their Workplace

The more people rationalize their situation, explaining to themselves that their workplace is questionable because there aren’t enough staff or business has been busy lately, the more frustrated they feel inside. A part of them is saying yes, but I know it should be better, and over time that split between awareness and denial causes stress.

3. Lower Productivity Levels and Less Focus on Excellence

There’s a saying that people function to the level of your expectations. If you’re in charge of the workplace, the state of the work environment is the clearest representation of your expectations.

4. More Employee Sick Days

A lack of hygiene at work can lead to employee sick days. Nearly every business deals with pathogens of some kind, from dirty dishes to health club equipment and showers, medical clinic waiting rooms and consulting spaces, and even libraries and play spaces. Healthy employees are those with clean, hygienic workplaces that are cleaned regularly. It helps reduce their stress levels, too.

5. Changes in Customer Visit Volume and Attitude Towards Your Business

When customers avoid your place of business and post negative reviews because of dirt and unsanitary conditions, it’s going to take a lot to recover. The need for a COVID-19 cleaning service has awakened many businesses to these concerns. Early signs of trouble will come as employees respond to the lack of a fresh and clean environment, including bathrooms. A commercial restroom cleaning service with electrostatic spraying service can keep bathrooms sparkling clean automatically.

Your Clean Business with Enviro-Master Services

Working with Enviro-Master Services, you’ll have a commercial cleaning and disinfecting service schedule that will make you proud as well. There are no worries about taking time away from your employees’ work to clean. Our workers are highly trained and detail-oriented, ready to make a big difference in your workplace.


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