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A Clean Bathroom Creates Happy Employees

Whether your company is big or small, a clean bathroom can make or break a customer experience. And that’s especially true if your company is in the hospitality or service industry. But did you know that not only does it help with the customer experience, it also helps aid in making your employees happy? Yes, even the small things such as bathroom fragrance can have an impact on the total experience of an employee.

Projecting a Clean Image

A clean restroom encourages positive feelings in customers about your business. Customers equate the cleanliness of your company’s bathroom with the cleanliness of your entire business. This is especially true if you’re a restaurant owner. 86% of adults in the United States equated the condition of a restaurant’s bathroom with the condition of its kitchen, according to cleaning industry website CleanLink. The site also states that 75% of U.S. adults wouldn’t return to a restaurant with a dirty bathroom. A clean bathroom can lead to repeat business and higher earnings.

Developing Customer Trust

If your business is in a service industry, including the hospitality industry, maintaining clean restrooms helps put customers at ease about the rest of your operations. Customers encountering unclean restrooms can develop negative images about your business and may come to distrust your company in other areas. This can mean customers scrutinize your services more closely, examine invoices with a keener eye and may be more likely to argue about service, quality or charges.

Eliminating Customer/Employee Complaints

Sparkling clean, fresh smelling restrooms can lead to happier customers, which reduces overall complaints against your establishment. In the modern age, all it takes is one Internet blogger to comment on the state of your company’s restrooms to discourage other customers from frequenting your establishment. Clean facilities show your company’s dedication to all phases of the customer service experience.

Customers appreciate these efforts, and can reward your business with encouraging reviews that generate interest within the local community. Customers who feel confident in using your bathroom facilities, especially in a restaurant environment, may stay longer, order another round of drinks, and bring in more money for your company.

Employee Morale and Reducing Absenteeism

And don’t overlook the impact of restroom hygiene and sanitary conditions on employee morale. Employees feel better about their employers when they know they’re being looked out for. Good restroom hygiene practices signal that the employer cares about employees as much as it does about customers. Good restroom hygiene practices also abate and eliminate the transfer of sickness and disease among employees, reducing absenteeism and associated losses in revenue and productivity.

What to Look For – Ask These Questions:

  • Are my restrooms visibly dirty?
  • Are my restroom fixtures and floors stained with urine, mold or grime?
  • Do my restrooms have a bad odor?
  • How much do I currently spend on restroom products? And can I reduce these costs and save some money here?
  • Am I carrying and managing an inventory of restroom products, especially paper and soap?
  • Do my restrooms portray the same positive image as the rest of my business?
  • How would reduced absenteeism impact my business’s performance?

For a Free Restroom Scorecard and complimentary on-site visit, log onto your local Enviro-Master site. We are the leader in restroom hygiene and sanitary services, with a full range of quality restroom supplies and services, and we’re pleased to serve.

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