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Signs That Your Cleaning Company Has Failed You

Your business and the way other people see it is important to you and your staff. If your commercial cleaning company is making you look bad, then it’s time for a change. Here are a couple signs that the cleaning company stopped caring about your success and your health!

  1. It’s just as dirty before work as it was when you left.This is a clear sign that the cleaning company isn’t doing their work. Bottom line, if you’re paying someone to clean and they’re not cleaning, make the call.
  2. Supplies are always low.Depending on your contract terms, supplies should be restocked regularly and you should never be left without the proper amount paper products. If employees/customers are having to search multiple bathrooms and stick their hands under the next stall to get what they need, your cleaning company stopped caring about the basics.
  3. Smells, everywhere. The last thing anybody wants to experience when walking into a restroom is an unpleasant smell. If your restroom constantly has the same type of smell and no “WOW, that’s a great new air scent” moment, it may be time for a change.

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