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Celebrate Success-Excellent Performance by Enviro-Master Service Technician

For those of you who have never had the privilege of working a corporate switchboard; trust me when I say, you never know what kind of calls may come your way. Seriously front desk calls to the corporate switchboard range anywhere from friendly general inquiries to insanely irate rants from unknown callers requiring one to need to go into full blown crisis management mode, just from having answered the phone.

However it is great calls like the one shared below, in this week’s Celebrate Success post, that makes me appreciate the privilege of working the corporate switchboard and keeps me picking up the phone to say, “good morning or afternoon Enviro-Master how may I help you”.

A few weeks back while manning my post as that afternoon’s corporate switchboard operator, Bahama Breeze Troy, Michigan flashed up on the Caller ID, thinking to myself this call could go either way ; I picked up the receiver and politely said good afternoon Enviro-Master how may I help you. The voice on the other end sounded most friendly and kind as she introduced herself as Cassis Martin, the Manager of Bahama Breeze in Troy, Michigan.

Cassis said the reason for my call is that she wanted to pay a personal compliment to Sheri, her Enviro-Master Service Technician; for her keen attention to detail, paired with her drive to always go above and beyond to do an excellent job servicing our restaurant each week. Cassis went on to say, “Sheri, is an absolute breath of fresh air, from the moment Sheri steps through the door, with her ever present smile upon her face our whole restaurant seems to be a brighter place, so much so my entire staff looks forward to Sheri’s arrival each week.” In closing Cassis said, “I just wanted to call to make sure that you and your company know what a great employee you have in Sheri, she truly exemplifies everything a great employee should be and if it weren’t so easy to see how much Sheri loves the work she does, I would honestly do whatever it took to hire her to come work for me.”

As we were hanging up I thanked Cassis for her call and for sharing this with me and assured her I would pass the message along to the powers that be.

Keeping my word I immediately shared this message with Sheri’s Boss, Ketura Owner of the Detroit Enviro-Master Franchise. During this call Ketura shared, she too had received a call from Cassis regarding Sheri. In their call Cassis shared with Ketura that all that I shared above and went on to say that while Sheri was doing their most recent weekly service Sheri had noticed that the wicker waste basket in the ladies room was looking a bit worn. Therefore before leaving Sheri found Cassis the manager, and took her in the ladies room to show her the worn wicker waste basket and asked if it would be okay to trade it out with the one in good condition that was out of site under the counter that she remembered seeing while servicing the men’s restroom. Cassis thanked her for having such a keen eye for detail and taking the time to not only bring this to her attention but to provide a cost free solution to better the restaurant for Cassis’ customers.

Ketura said that Sheri’s exemplary service was recognized during their Monday Morning Meeting. Using Sheri as the example of an Enviro-Master Technician that goes above and beyond to exceed customer expectation. Ketura reminded her entire team that they are not just there to wipe down fixtures once a week; but rather it is there job as an Enviro-Master Service Technician to not only meet expectations but to exceed the expectations of each and every customer they service.

Hearing this reconfirmed everything Cassis had shared with me about Sheri, to be true, and led me to think; we could all benefit from being more like Sheri in the way we approach our daily task, work and jobs, which made Sheri and her exemplary performance perfect for this week’s Celebrate Success Post.

Therefore please join me as we recognize the excellent performance by an Enviro-Master Service Technician by shining the Celebrate Success spotlight on Enviro-Master of Detroit’s Star Service Technician, Sheri!!!

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