Enviro-Master Disinfection Services Update – Local COVID-19 Gym Guidelines for Jacksonville, FL

Florida’s governor Ron Desantis has lifted all Covid-19 restrictions on businesses across the state. This move does not mean that individual companies, cities, and counties cannot require masks and follow past guidelines, it simply means that they are not legally compelled to do so. In the city of Jacksonville, mask mandates have remained in place and each individual business has its agency to choose how they keep their customers safe. Because Florida’s Covid restrictions have been lifted businesses have more freedom to serve people, yet they still have the responsibility to do so safely using sanitation and distancing standards.

Jacksonville Florida Covid-19 Gym Guidelines:

  • Because you can get Covid-19 from touching surfaces that an infected person has touched, according to the CDC, all gym equipment should be cleaned between users.
  • Gyms should only open up to enough people that allow clients to socially distance six feet apart so air droplet contamination is reduced.
  • Regular cleaning before and each group class is strongly recommended. As well as hand washing stations available for guests to use.
  • Most local gyms are following CDC guidelines with the backing of local authorities to keep clients safe. Some are remaining closed or sticking to a virtual program in order to still provide a service to their clientele.
  • The CDC has recommended designating or hiring an on-site coordinator to ensure safety guidelines are implemented to reduce the risk of spread when things get busy.
  • The CDC also urges employers in all fields to be flexible about employee sick days and to urge employees who show any symptoms to stay away until they are well or test negative.

Enviro-Master Services provides industrial commercial cleaning services that are EPA approved for Covid-19 sanitation standards. If you have any concerns about the sanitation levels at your Jacksonville Florida gym or if you want to increase your peace of mind and overall safety while reducing your workload and contamination risk contact us to schedule regular virus sanitation services. Our services are not just for the effective cleaning of used gym equipment and shared surfaces. We offer electrostatic disinfection services, bathroom cleaning services, paper handling services, and so much more to businesses across the whole state of Florida including the Jacksonville area. As the world continues to open up and more people use common services it is vital to employ premium cleaning and disinfection services. Even during non-pandemic times, our services reduce the spread of the flu virus and other pathogens that can be common in shared spaces. Contact us to learn more about our sanitation and disinfectant services. We can reduce the worry you may have about running a gym during Covid-19 outbreaks and help protect you and your clients from the viruses and germs that can affect us all.

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