Enviro-Master Disinfection Services Update – Local COVID-19 Gym Guidelines for Kansas City, MO

The state of Missouri continues to make its return from the COVID-19 pandemic by reopening one piece of the economy at a time. Starting back over the summer, gyms were allowed to make their return, and with that came new restrictions to follow. As the owner of an exercise facility, it is critical to be well aware of the requirements. This can allow you to open safely for your clients and also ensure you are adhering to the requests of the city of Kansas City, MO, the state of Missouri, as well as the CDC all at the same time.

Capacity Restrictions and Mask Requirements

One of the first things to call out when it comes to the reopening of gym guidelines for Kansas City, MO exercise facilities is the need to have capacity restrictions in place. These capacity restrictions will reduce the headcount within the gym facility at any given time.

On top o the capacity restrictions, it is also hypercritical to ensure you are encoring the mask requirement set forth by the state of Missouri and the recommendations of the CDC. When you are not able to stay within six feet of one another, it is essential to be wearing a mask indoors in an exercise facility.

The mask requirements need to be coupled with the placement of exercise equipment that has adequate spacing from one piece to the other. This means having machines and such spread out so that you are not within six feet when using certain equipment items.

Cleaning Needs

The CDC recommends cleaning exercise equipment at all times. There is a lot of risks that go along with the touching and use of things like treadmills, dumbbells, as well as other types of exercise equipment. The more you, as a gym facility, continue to work to clean everything, the more comforting it will be for clients to be inside of the facility.

It may be essential for you to hire a professional cleaning company with tools and necessary disinfectants so that you can stay on top of the cleaning needs. The CDC guidelines recommend the disinfection of high-touch surfaces and equipment every two hours. With a team and tools like Enviro-Master offers, this makes it a much more consumable task.

Cleaning and sanitation are key within a gym facility as you try to adhere to the guidelines set forth by the Kansas City, MO officials, the state, and the CDC. Restriction of capacity, the spacing of six feet, masks, and cleaning are all essential elements to be aware of as a gym owner.

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