COVID-19 Gym Guidelines for Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Trying to keep up with exercise in the COVID-19 era can be tricky, but it is possible. Thankfully the state of Pennsylvania, along with the larger CDC guidelines, has set a path forward for gym owners to open and to do so safely. This allows clients to walk back through the doors, grab a set of dumbbells, and get to work once again on living a healthier lifestyle today and in the future. Let us take a closer look at some of the COVID-19 guidelines to follow for Harrisburg, Pennsylvania gym owners.

Social Distancing and Masks a Priority

The first thing to be aware of in the state of Pennsylvania is that social distancing and masking requirements are certainly in place for exercise facilities. When you are inside an exercise facility, the expectation is that you maintain at least six feet of distance from others. When you are setting up your exercise facility, you need to get equipment set up in such a way where the six feet of distance is possible.

On top of just the social distancing, the CDC recommends wearing a mask in the gym. The masking requirement is basically throughout the entire gym experience. When your exercise type and intensity allows, physical distancing is a problem, and you are around other individuals, the mask needs to be on.

Regular Cleaning

There is also a recommendation for exercise facility owners to do routine cleaning. This will be on things such as the dumbbells, machines, as well as barbells. All of these need to be cleaned thoroughly on a routine basis. Disinfecting these items in the gym on a routine basis is important. This is where professionals like Enviro-Master come into play, as they can use their equipment and knowledge to help gyms do a deep cleaning on a regular basis. In addition to consistent staff cleaning, a professional cleaning company can actually disinfect and coat surfaces with electrostatic devices that kill viruses on contact.

Impact if You Ignore the Rules

In the event that you have an exercise facility owner ignoring the orders, it is then up to the state to subject the business to fines, as well as to shut down the business entirely. There may be other applicable measures that could come into play.

Gym owners are in a difficult spot when it comes to COVID-19, but the state of Pennsylvania has shown a path forward. Gyms can open with social distancing in place, masks prevalent, and routine commercial cleaning service by professionals taking place often. Doing all of this can allow a gym to open and do so successfully.

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