COVID-19 Gym Guidelines in El Paso, Texas

As we all work to navigate these strange times we are living in, how many of us could say we lived through a global pandemic before this all started, many of our favorite facilities have had to change the way they operate in order to keep us all safe. With gyms and other facilities reopening, the standards of service have changed and each facility does have new guidelines that they need to follow in order to remain open and to remain in line with local ordinances.

Texas Gym Reopening Guidelines

We all have a favorite place, a place where we can unwind and for many, that place is the gym. Though many gyms started reopening at the end of the summer, the rules that are part of the facility now may look a little different than they did prior to the pandemic. For starters, there are specific guidelines for employees that require they be screened before they can enter the facility and before they can remain at work for their full shift. Employees must sanitize their hands upon entering the facility, they must remain six feet apart from one another and from patrons. If they have a cough, fever, sneezing or other signs of illness it is urgent that they be sent home.

For patrons, it is suggested that touchless sign in and touchless pay be used when possible. Also, facilities need to put up signs that help to remind patrons and employees alike about the health procedures that are in place. Common areas are to be disinfected often to make sure that there is no possible spread, soap and water or sanitizer should be made available to employees and to patrons at all times. Equipment needs to be frequently disinfected and if possible, should be six feet apart. Showers should be frequently disinfected and if there are enough employees, one should be dedicated to keeping up health standards.

Professional Assistance to Stay Compliant and Safe

While most facilities will take on sanitation duties themselves, it may be beneficial to enlist the help of a professional company that can help with the disinfection process so that you can be certain that your gym is going to meet all the pertinent health and cleanliness standards that have been set forth. Enviro-Master can help you to do the most and can help with services like the Virus Vaporizer, a full treatment that helps to treat all hard surfaces for the virus and helps to remove bacteria.

Another service we offer is bathroom disinfection services to help make certain that the common areas of your gym are as clean as possible. When it comes to disinfection, it is always best to be better safe than sorry and to do all you can to make sure your gym is as clean as possible in order to better protect your patrons, your employees, and anyone else that might come into your facility. Gyms are a fantastic resource for many, so let’s work together to keep them clean and keep them open.

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