New Gym Guidelines During COVID-19 Reopening in Dover, Delaware

For some, the gym is a way to get away from the stress of the day while exercising and working out. With the recent restrictions that have been put in place in response to COVID-19 and the global pandemic we are fighting, most gyms have shut down for a time and are now beginning to reopen. That being said, just because these fitness centers are reopening, this does not mean that they are wide open and without some sort of restriction.

Why Are Gyms Just Now Reopening?

When the world first got a feel for COVID-19 and how to navigate this type of pandemic, everything shut down from restaurants’ in-person dining to gyms. Restaurants shut down to prevent the congregation of people in one place for long periods of time. Nonessential stores shut down to keep people at home, and gyms shut down to help keep people away from one another.

So why are gyms just now starting to reopen? Gyms are a place where people tend to come together in larger numbers. They sweat and touch their faces and touch shared equipment which can lead to easy spread of bacteria, viruses, and any other contaminates that you may have on your skin. Gyms were deemed nonessential and many states are just now working to reopen their nonessential businesses so that people can start to get back to normal.

What is Delaware Doing?

Delaware began reopening gyms in the end of the summer, and they did have some different requirements put in place to make sure that patrons were safe. The first regulation is that the total number of patrons must not exceed 30% of the total capacity of the facility at any one time. Also, patrons must wear a facial covering unless they are actively working out. For those that have a medical condition, special accommodations can be made while they are in the facility.

Physical contact is to be limited if not eliminated all together with no contact check in and paperless pay encouraged. Exercise equipment needs to be spread out so that there is at least 6 feet between each machine. Communal spaces must be cleaned regularly and frequently. In classes there should be enough space for six feet between each person. Also, water fountains should be closed but bottle refill stations are encouraged. Customers need to bring their own towels to the showers and the shower and bathroom spaces need to be completely disinfected at least once a day when the store is closed and at least once when the facility it open. Professional commercial disinfection companies can add to this with electrostatic sanitization services on a weekly basis.

Professional Disinfection and Ongoing Cleaning

For those facilities that need a bit of extra help or that do not want to place the burden of disinfection on their employees, professional companies like Enviro-Masters can help. We offer a huge range of cleaning options to help you get your facility back up in perfect running order. We work to provide quality care and services so that you can make certain your facility meets all guidelines and can remain safely open.

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