COVID-19 Gym Guidelines in Ft. Lauderdale, FL

No one likes to be cooped up at home and many people have trouble staying motivated when they do try to work out at home. For many, the gym is the only place where you can get the best workout and stay on the routine that you have created. During the COVID-19 pandemic however, most gyms closed, at least for a time and upon reopening, they do have some further restrictions to keep patrons and employees alike safe.

What is the Biggest Danger with Gyms?

One might expect that the sweat is the biggest issue when it comes to gyms and their being open during a pandemic. Though sweat is a sanitation issue, it is not the biggest. We have all worked out, we know how sweaty and messy everything can get. Without even thinking about it, you may huff and puff and expel air that could be shedding the COVID-19 virus.

This is a common occurrence. Similarly, we all touch our faces, wipe our noses, and absentmindedly touch the equipment that we are using at the gym which can lead to the unknowing spread of the virus. With gyms, we expel a great deal of body fluids which can lead to the spread quickly. Gyms are also often somewhat smaller, this means that you may not notice that you are sweating on the person next to you which can lead to more spread.

Ft. Lauderdale Gym Reopening Guidelines

The gyms in Ft. Lauderdale reopened in March and have remained open since then. The opening procedures for gyms was at a reduced capacity for starters. Gyms were required to reduce capacity to ensure the ability for patrons to remain six feet apart. Gyms were also required to make more space between machines. Many gyms moved machines apart from one another to help make sure that there is going to be more space and less crowding between machines.

Many gyms are also requiring that patrons wear a mask unless they are actively exercising, and they are also asked to help sanitize their machines before and after use on top of the sanitation that is already taking place by the staff. Gyms are also required to clean more frequently and to do more cleaning than they previously did. Ft. Lauderdale has gone so far as to instate a fine if gyms are caught not following recommendations and requirements that were set forth.

How to Keep Your Gym Sanitized

Being able to make sure your gym is sanitary is one of the most effective ways to keep patrons safe. With the services offered by Enviro-Master, you can be certain that your facility is safe, clean and ready for patrons. Our patented Virus Vaporizer service is a great overall deep clean with an electrostatic sprayer that helps to make sure gym is free of germs. Our Restroom & Hygiene Service is a fantastic way to make sure your bathrooms and showers are kept up to standards. We understand that keeping your employees and patrons is a top priority and we are here to help.

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