Enviro-Master Disinfection Services Update – Local COVID-19 Gym Guidelines for Denver, CO

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues on throughout the country, there are certain guidelines that gyms in Denver CO must consider before reopening or opening for the first time to customers. With equipment being shared between members and used frequently, it is essential to maintain a safe and sanitized area for these individuals to workout.

Who Is In Charge of These Guidelines?

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the Department of Health have aligned together to generate a list of guidelines for gym owners to follow before reopening, as well as members to practice to slow the spread of COVID-19 in areas such as these.

What Are The Guidelines?

Before you reopen your gym, there are a few guidelines to keep in mind.

Social Distancing and Equipment

Because social distancing is a big part of fighting COVID-19, having enough space for your members to work out safely is essential. If the equipment is not already spaced out, it is essential to try and space out as much equipment as possible. If you are not able to move equipment but have multiple pieces sitting beside each other, consider keeping one closed off to give the appropriate space.

Sanitizing Equipment

Before your gym is opened and after it is closed for the day, it is critical to wipe down each piece of equipment with the appropriate sanitizer and cleaner available to kill the COVID-19 virus. Use all cleaners approved by the CDC and the Department of Health.

Also, each piece of equipment should be wiped down after it is used. While you can leave that responsibility up to your members, it is best practice to have a staff member go behind each member and clean the equipment when they are done using it so that it is sanitized before the next person comes along.

Sanitizing Locker Rooms

With your members using the restroom and shower facilities regularly, these areas need to be cleaner than before to ensure that COVID-19 is not being spread in these areas. With the use of restroom and hygiene services by Enviro-Master Cleaning Services, you can have peace of mind knowing these areas are sanitized and clean daily.

Have the Facility Sanitized Regularly

Although the equipment is being wiped down with sanitizer after each use, it is best practice to use a vaporizer and atmosphere cleaner in your facility to kill any viruses in the air. With Enviro-Master Cleaning Services, the virus vaporizer service will go through your gym facility and vaporize any viruses that may be in the gym and locker rooms.

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