Gym Facility Opening Guidelines in Washington, D.C.

We are all eager to get back to normal, we want things to go back to the way they once were and though this time of total normality is far off, more and more facilities are starting to open up again which makes for a life that is a bit closer to what we know. With facilities like gyms opening up, it is important to know what sort of guidelines you can expect if you do decide to return to the gym any time soon.

Washington D.C. Gym Reopening Guidelines

The first stipulation that was set in place is that workstations and rest areas are to be reorganized and moved so that they are six feet apart. It is also required that workout areas that include cardio or strength equipment need to be at least ten feet apart. Shields should be used when social distancing is not an option and group classes should be limited in size to allow for ten feet of space between each person. Outdoor spaces should be used as often as possible and virtual classes are also encouraged as often as possible to limit contact.

When possible, facilities should use a different entrance than the exit to keep people from coming in contact with one another and also that the use of equipment that requires more than one person for use should be limited as well. Vending machines, high touch machines and areas, and also things that cannot be sanitized should be limited or removed from use until further notice. If an employee or a patron shows signs of being sick or having any sort of illness, they should be either sent home or denied entry.

Circulation should also be increased, and touchless options should be used as often as possible to prevent any problems. On top of that, the facility should also establish a protocol for COVID exposure if they do find out that an employee or someone in the facility may have COVID.


Pools can reopen but people must remain socially distanced within the pool. The deck and ladder areas must be sanitized often and kept clean so that the virus cannot spread. Masks should not be worn in the pool but they should be worn within the facility when possible when the patron is not actively exercising. The building should be cleaned and disinfected frequently to make sure that there are no bacteria on the surfaces and that the facility can remain open.

Professional Disinfection of Facility and Equipment

Using a professional cleaning service like those offered by Enviro-Masters is a great option. We can help make certain that your facility is as clean as possible and that it does meet the guidelines that have been set forth. We offer sanitization services, cleaning of our entire facility, and we can help you to make certain that the facility is clean so that patrons and employees alike can enter and use the facility without issue. We offer commercial disinfection services that fit your needs.

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