COVID-19 Gym Guidelines in Minneapolis, MN

Everyone is eager to get back to normal since we have been shut down for over four months due to the COVID-19 global pandemic. That being said, in order to reopen safely you do have to make sure to follow the guidelines so that everyone safely enjoy their workouts again without possibility of infection.

Why Were Gyms Closed?

Gyms are a place where hundreds, if not thousands, of people pass through every single day. Since gyms are so populated there is certainly a much higher chance of infection as there are so many people. On top of that, those who are in a gym are sweating and straining with an increased chance they are expelling particles from their nose and mouth during workouts.

People are also touching everything – the equipment, machines, showers and more which does increase the chances of spreading the infection as well. Though most gyms have some sort of disinfecting protocol in place during normal times, today calls for more in-depth and frequent cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting. As such, gyms were closed as they were a prime place for the infection to spread.

Reopening Gyms in Minneapolis, MN

Since many restrictions have started to be lifted or at the very least ease up to a certain extent, the State of Minnesota has set forth guidelines for reopening gyms and how they are to operate during the pandemic. Currently, Minnesota is in the third phase of reopening the state and the businesses therein.

Phase III states that gyms are required to reduce their overall capacity at any given time from 100% to 25% or not exceeding 250 people either indoors or outdoors at any given time, excluding employees. Those who are inside the gym should stay six feet apart at all times, meaning that many gyms have reduced the amount of equipment or number of machines that are available for use within the facility to help keep the proper distance. Many gyms are also requiring that patrons wear a mask unless they are actively working out.

Keeping Gym Facilities Clean

It is now required that gyms sanitize and disinfect more frequently and thoroughly to make sure that employees and patrons alike are safe. For daytime cleaning it may be sufficient to have employees keep the facility clean but if gym owners want something more effective, regularly bringing in a commercial cleaning service like Enviro-Master Services is a fantastic idea. We can expertly clean, sanitize and disinfect your gym and make certain that bacteria and germs are effectively cleaned.

We do surface cleaning, deep cleaning and can also help to disinfect difficult to clean spaces like tanning beds, showers and even exercise equipment. It is our goal to keep your employees and clients safe.

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