Enviro-Master Disinfection Services Update – Local COVID-19 Gym Guidelines for Mobile, AL

Operating a gym in the state of Alabama during COVID-19 is much more of a unique experience than it ever was during normal times. The good thing, though, is that by following guidelines set by the state and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) you can allow clients to come into your gym facility and they can get their exercise that they need and desire.

Social Distancing is a Key Requirement

One of the first things to be aware of as a gym owner in the Mobile, Alabama area is that social distancing is a key to success. This means that when you have clients that come from different households, it is critical to keep them six feet apart. You can help clients achieve this by spacing out your exercise equipment, dumbbells, class sizes, and more.

As a gym owner, you want to prohibit sports and other types of interactions that would actually promote two people to be within six feet or share any type of equipment at the same time. Helping folks by setting the gym up to avoid congregation in common areas is also key.

Occupancy Limits

The six feet of social distance is assisted by the maximum capacity. The limit on occupancy for gym locations in Mobile, Alabama is set at 50%. This is based on the maximum capacity under fire codes. Access to locker rooms, showers, steam rooms, etc. also needs to be put into check.

Mask Requirements

Mask requirements are present in Mobile, Alabama gym locations for employees. It is a requirement that they wear a mask or some other type of facial covering. The covering needs to be on top of both their mouth as well as their nostrils. A cloth mask is what you have for a recommendation per the CDC.

Regular Cleaning

The CDC states that it is critical to do regular cleaning of all high-touch areas. This is especially the case within a gym. You want to be doing the cleaning of the high-touch areas on a cadence of every two hours. You can only do this so well with your employees and it is always best to get professional cleaning assistance. This can help with things like fog machines and other disinfecting tools that can quickly and in a deep-clean fashion kill COVID-19 on surfaces such as dumbbells and other exercise equipment. Teams like those at Enviro-Master make it easy to keep up with professional cleaning needs.

A gym in Mobile, Alabama can operate in a safe way thanks to the guidelines set by the state as well as the CDC. You as a gym owner simply need knowledge of the requirements and then work to apply them, keeping a clean and safe environment for your clients every day.

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