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COVID-19 Gym Guidelines – Miami, Florida

There are so many new guidelines and recommendations for all businesses in the COVID-19 era that it is confusing to know what needs to be done. Gyms, fitness centers, dance, martial arts, and yoga studios, personal training facilities, and other types of wellness centers have specific requirements based on the nature of the industry. Most forms of exercise require heavy breathing which could potentially spread the virus to others very easily. However, the benefits of movement are essential to the well-being of those involved. Enviro-Master Services in Miami, Florida offers a wide array of commercial cleaning services, including disinfection services, restroom cleaning service, electrostatic disinfection service, and COVID-19 cleaning services. You can trust us to meet all CDC and Department of Health regulations for your area.

CDC Requirements

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or CDC has set forth very specific requirements for gyms and other exercise or wellness related facilities. Meeting these directions will protect employees and clients as well as shield your business from liability. Here is a summary of the CDC recommendations for employees of your organization:

  • Appoint an onsite coordinator to keep everyone informed about changes, and to ensure that all rules are being followed. Additionally, ALL employees should receive education and training on the process changes.
  • The coordinator must organize a way to communicate modifications to the public before they enter the facility.
  • Workplace safety includes daily symptom and temperature checks.
  • If an employee tests positive or is exposed to COVID-19, they must quarantine for at least 14 days and receive a negative test at the end of the self-isolation. Cleaning and disinfecting all areas such as bathrooms, doors, handles, offices, shared equipment, common areas, and any surface that may have been infected is key. The facility should remain closed until all disinfecting is completed.

Before Opening

The CDC also provides instruction on what must occur before you may open your place to clients. The tasks that must be done are:

  • Rearranging all equipment and classes so that there is at least six feet distance between patrons and employees. In the case of equipment that cannot be removed or repositioned, please use signage to indicate “do not use”.
  • Install plastic shields to separate workers from clients at counters and payment areas. Also, move cardreaders further away to establish distance.
  • Cordon off areas where people may tend to congregate or use floor stickers to remind about social distancing.
  • Position hands-free anti-bacterial stations throughout workout areas and ascertain that restrooms are stocked with soap and paper towels.

After Opening

Not only is nightly cleaning and disinfecting a vital part of keeping your space safe, but having a systemized, timed cleaning done at regular intervals is important as well. Other things you can do are:

  • Ventilate your facility by maintaining 40-60% humidity and keep filters clean.
  • Use colored tape to encourage social distancing around machines, weight areas, and during classes.
  • Place HEPA units in close areas or places that have poor ventilation.
  • Provide sanitizing wipes or sprays with paper towels to clean equipment after each use and monitor guests to make sure this happens.
  • Limit the amount of people allowed inside all areas at one time to 50% capacity.

Miami, Florida Gym and Other Wellness Facilities Requirements

Many of the Miami gym and fitness center regulations are similar to the CDC requirements. Some additional recommendations include:

  • All staff must wear masks at all times.
  • Doors between rooms should stay open at all times.
  • Saunas, showers (except pool showers), locker rooms, and steam rooms are still closed.
  • Personal use equipment such as blocks, heart monitors, towels, bolsters, and fitness mats should not be provided by the facility. Clients can bring these items from home.

Keeping up with all of the necessary ‘new normal’ guidelines is the responsibility of everyone but as a business owner, the repercussions of non-compliance can be far-reaching. Get your facility COVID-19 ready today with Enviro-Master Services in Miami, Florida: 786-766-7042.

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