COVID-19 Gym Guidelines in St. Louis, MO

Gyms are a wonderful thing, they allow us to exercise, get out of the house, and to feel better. They also offer a sense of community but during the current global COVID-19 pandemic gyms look a little bit different. Although your workout experience may not quite look like it did, it’s still an incredible asset and making sure you are doing all you can to keep gyms safe and open is a must.

Missouri Gym Reopening Guidelines

Gyms in Missouri started reopening at the end of June and they do have a set of guidelines that are currently in place to keep patrons safe. The first is that the overall capacity of the facility must be reduced to 25% of normal operating numbers. Also, the facility must only remain open so long as there are employees there to man the gym. If the gym is a 24-hour fitness center, it must remain manned or must be closed during times when an employee cannot be present.

Lockers must be limited, this means that they cannot all be open and that lockers should be spaced out so that there is at least 6 feet between each available locker. Facilities also need to post warnings and information about COVID as well as a sign at the entrance that discourages those with symptoms of a respiratory illness from entering and states that those that are ill cannot enter. Basketball courts should be closed so that informal or formal meetings cannot occur.

Treadmills are also discouraged as they may encourage the spread of the illness. Staff must wear facial coverings at all times except for times when they are alone in an enclosed space. Customers should wear coverings unless they are actively working out, even when switching machines. Doors and windows should be open when possible to keep air flowing. The facility should be fully disinfected regularly, every two hours is recommended for high traffic and high touch areas as well as common areas of the facility.

Sharing should be limited if not eliminated altogether. There should be adequate cleaning and hygiene supplies on hand at all times. There should be no self-service options and the facility should have plenty of posted information about their policies, what they are doing to halt the spread, and what is expected of patrons to keep themselves and others safe.

Enviro-Master Services Can Kill COVID-19 in St. Louis Gyms

For those who want professional help with deep cleaning and disinfecting gyms in St. Louis, Enviro-Master Services of St. Louis is a fantastic resource. We offer a range of cleaning solutions to help make sure that your facility is not only going to be clean, but that it is also going to be up to all current safety and cleanliness standards that have been set forth by your local state and facility guidelines. We will work with you to find the solution that is going to work best for your particular facility. We want to ensure that patrons and staff alike are safe and that we are doing our part to stop the spread of Coronavirus.

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