Enviro-Master Disinfection Services Update – Local COVID-19 Guidelines for Dallas/Fort Worth, TX

Enviro-Master Services of Dallas Fort Worth, TX, Discusses Restaurant Guidelines for COVID-19 Preparedness

The coronavirus pandemic has had a massive impact on the local community. With numerous business is starting to reopen, it is important for everyone to make sure they are able to do so safely. The team from Enviro-Master Services of Dallas Fort Worth is here to discuss restaurant guidelines for those who are looking to reopen in the local area. There are a few key points that everyone should keep in mind to make sure they stay as safe as possible. Only by keeping the coronavirus at bay will restaurants be able to remain open.

Health Protocols for Serving Customers in Dallas Fort Worth

When restaurants in the local area are beginning to reopen, it is critical to follow these guidelines while serving customers. They include:

Make sure that all groups at the restaurant are able to maintain 6 ft of distance from other groups at all times. People who are seated at the same table do not need to remain 6 feet away from each other; however, parties need to remain 6 feet away from each other at all times, including while waiting for a table.

  • All restaurants need to make sure they have a hand sanitizing station available at their entrance for all customers.
  • Tables and not have any more than 10 people seated at them at a given time.
  • Restaurants should not leave silverware, glassware, plates, cups, or condiments at the table unless they are occupied.
  • Condiments should not be provided to customers unless they request them.
  • Restaurants should be using disposable menus, swapped out after each patron. If they are not available, all menus need to be wiped down and disinfected thoroughly between uses.

All restaurants in the local area are encouraged to use contactless payment options. This is not possible, then all contact needs to be minimized while the transaction is taking place.

Health Protocols for Restaurant Employees in Dallas Fort Worth

Furthermore, employees at restaurants need to follow a few protocols as well, which include:

  • All employees need to be trained thoroughly to make sure they understand how to sanitize, clean, and disinfect themselves thoroughly.
  • All restaurant owners and managers need to make sure that all employees are screened before they come to work. Any employee who is exhibiting respiratory symptoms should be sent home.
  • Anyone who has been confirmed to have had close contact with someone who has tested positive for the coronavirus must quarantine for 14 days before they return to work.

These guidelines have been put in place to minimize the spread of coronavirus throughout restaurants.

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