COVID-19 Restaurant Guidelines in Dover, DE

COVID-19 Restaurant Guidelines — Dover, Delaware

When the state of Delaware allowed the reopening of restaurants on June 1, it was a sigh of relief for many. However, only restaurants that observed strict measures were allowed to remain open. Together with the go-ahead to reopen, Governor John Carey also provided a set of regulations that were to be followed by restaurant owners and diners.

The regulations released were divided into 3 categories: guidelines for all businesses, including restaurants, procedures for restaurant owners, and guidelines for diners.

Guidelines for All Businesses Such As Restaurants

  • All business owners must ensure social distancing is being maintained among employees.
  • All employers and employees are expected to self-quarantine if they suspect they’ve been infected.
  • All surfaces that are usually touched by customers should be disinfected. Restaurants are envisaged to hire commercial cleaning services in Dover. Such companies offer electrostatic disinfection services, bathroom cleaning services, and COVID-19 cleaning services.
  • Hand sanitizers must be provided to all employees and should be utilized at frequent intervals.
  • All businesses must make hand sanitizers available to visitors to the premises.
  • Employers must spread awareness on COVID-19 by putting up signs that encourage social distancing and the use of face-coverings.

Guidelines for Restaurants

  • Tables and booths should be arranged in a way that ensures social distancing is being maintained between tables. Tables should be placed eight feet apart so that a seated guest is 6 feet away from another guest. For booths, this means keeping every other booth empty.
  • Barriers that are 6 feet in length may be used if tables can’t be moved.
  • Guests in the restaurant must never exceed 60% of full capacity.
  • Restaurants must provide single-use disposable menus or menus that can be sanitized after each use.
  • Buffet restaurants must have servers at each station.

Guidelines for Restaurants Diners

  • Customers must always wear a face-covering except when eating or drinking.
  • All guests must remain seated throughout their restaurant visit. This is unless one is leaving the premises or going to the bathroom.
  • Every diner should ensure social distancing is maintained between them and the next table.

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