Enviro-Master Disinfection Services Update – Local COVID-19 Gym Guidelines for London, Ontario

What is London, Ontario’s reopening plan?

The reopening plan is to establish rules for safe business conduct to prevent the spread of the virus within reason and possibility. These rules include regulations for mask-wearing, washroom use, and traffic limitations through access points. Specific regulations of indoor and outdoor events/activities have been set.

Is it mandatory to wear a mask in London, Ontario COVID-19 pandemic?

Personal care providers in a fitness centre must wear a mask or face covering. Personal service providers who can’t wear a mask may not have direct contact with clients.

Personal care services that require the removal of face coverings may be not provided.

Accepted common practice includes installing proper ventilation, limiting class sizes in fitness studios to under 10 people and requiring instructors to wear masks during classes.

Are restaurants open in London, Ontario?

The measures for restaurants, gyms, and salons went into effect on October 24, 2020, and permit restaurants to be open as long as the safety requirements for customers and employees are met and enforced consistently.

Restaurants, bars and nightclubs are allowed to serve food and host live entertainment, but dancing is not to be permitted indoors.

Are gyms open in London, Ontario?

Gyms are open. These facilities are expected to adhere to special considerations for employees who provide personal care to clients such as a massage or rehabilitative therapist. All persons providing personal care must wear a mask or face covering.

What businesses and services are open in London, Ontario?

Restaurants, Bars, Night clubs, Gyms, Movie theatres, Casinos, Conference Centres, and Performance venues are open.

Personal care services may now include facial contact. Saunas and steam rooms remain banned.

Facility types still banned include including amusement parks, water parks, buffet restaurants, overnight children’s camps, and private karaoke rooms.

What does London, Ontario define as “essential business” during COVID

According to the CDC and London officials, essential businesses include:

  • Animal Services
  • Child Care Fee Subsidy
  • By-Law and Parking Enforcement
  • Emergency Forestry
  • Dearness Home
  • EnviroDepots
  • Garbage Collection
  • Fire Services
  • London Middlesex Housing Corporation
  • Recycling
  • Social Services
  • Water Operations, Wastewater Treatment, and Sewers

Are large gatherings allowed in London, Ontario?

Outdoor gatherings are limited to 100 persons, up from the previous limit of 10. The maximum size of permitted indoor gatherings is 50.

Persons attending outdoor gatherings are expected to remain two meters distant from others.

How to keep business going during COVID?

Business owners concerned about their ongoing ability to do business should adhere to the policies and recommendations as defined above. Know that changes to these rules and recommendations may change as the state of public health in regard to the pandemic changes and that you should monitor them closely.

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