Charlotte, North Carolina


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Protecting our Charlotte Community

Charlotte, NC is the second-largest center of banking in the United States, boasting numerous financial institutions that include the corporate offices of Bank of America and Wells Fargo. This city houses a population of more than 872,000, making it one of the most populous states in the nation.

Between Charlotte’s reputation as a financial giant and its many sports venues, this area sees millions of visitors each year. Enviro-Master Services is honored to play an important role in helping to keep many of the restaruants, banks, and stadiums of Charlotte clean and germ-free.

Southeast Charlotte houses an abundance of private schools, golf clubs, and luxury developments in upscale neighborhoods, while the northeast corner of this bustling metropolis draws students, researchers, and the professional crowd to its neighborhoods known as University City. But Charlotte also has its share of old, historic homes, tree-lined streets, arts and entertainment hubs, and more. The NASCAR Hall of Fame is located here. So is the Billy Graham Library and the North Carolina Music Factory.

Charlotte is home to the Carolina Panthers and the Charlotte Hornets who play at the Bank of America Stadium and the Spectrum Center, respectively. There are eight different hospitals located here, along with the Charlotte Fire Department and the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department. Many colleges and universities are located in Charlotte, making it, in part, a rollicking college town.

Enviro-Master Services is actively involved in helping to care for Charlotte’s many public places. We work hard to keep many of the hospitals, universities, and tourist attractions commercially clean and healthy for the city’s population.