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Enviro-Master is Keeping Things Clean in London and Waterloo, ON

In our thriving “Forest City” of London, Ontario, Canada, we know how intense nature can be if you let it run its course. Germs and bacteria are nothing to ignore, especially in the public spaces and businesses our city takes pride in. Enviro-Master offers professional commercial cleaning services and disinfecting solutions for the companies and organizations that want to offer a safe space for customers, clients, patients, students, and visitors.


The Regional Children’s Museum brings in families and school trips to learn about dinosaurs, space, and more. At Museum London, visitors can browse many art displays. In spaces like these, where many children are touching and exploring, a team for cleaning specialists is needed for key services.


The city is also packed with delicious places to eat, like the Church Key Bistro-Pub and Thuan Thanh. Our London team offers cleaning services to restaurants that lets them go above and beyond what their normal bussing staff can accomplish. Cooking stations and public dining areas are some of the places that rely on exceptional cleaning for safeguarding patrons.


We know public health is important to everyone, but not always in the forefront of the professional conversation. Visitors trust companies and organizations to keep them safe with proper protocol and practices. As a professional cleaner team helps improve conditions for everyone by offering professional cleaning insight and custom fit solutions to meet the challenges of each space.


Overall, we value high quality deep cleaning, and whether we’re providing a cleaning solution to an office building, medical facility, or business, we get the job done with our professional cleaning service. Some additional services that Enviro-Master of Southwest Ontario offers are Office Cleaning Services, Electrostatic Cleaning Services, Tile and Grout Cleaning, Restroom Cleaning, Drain Cleaning, and more. Our industrial cleaning is affordable, the cleaning products we use are effective, and we are ready to meet all your cleaning needs as a customer.