Enviro-Master Disinfection Services Update – Local COVID-19 Guidelines for New York City, NY

The state of New York continues to evolve with COVID-19. This includes the reopening of things like restaurants and even gym or fitness facilities. If you are the owner of an exercise facility, it is critical you have an understanding of what is necessary to reopen safely and in accordance with state and CDC guidance. The latest updates to the guidance in New York date back to August 24, 2020, and it has allowed the reemergence of indoor gym facilities to operate again.

Capacity Restraints

The first thing to call out as the owner of exercise facilities is the capacity restraints. You need to ensure your capacity within the gym or fitness center is no greater than 33% of your maximum capacity. This number includes your clients, as well as your employees and anyone else inside of the facility. If you are over this limit, you must prohibit entrance for anyone else that would put it over the 33% cap.

Face Coverings For Everyone

As the owner of a gym facility in New York, it is critical to enforce that everyone inside of the facility wears a face covering at all times. This goes for anyone over the age of 2 and able to medically tolerate the wearing of the face mask. If you are not able to medically wear a face mask, a face shield will suffice in the state.

Health Screenings

Another requirement is that clients will need to complete and pass a health screening prior to entry into the facility. They also need to sign in to the facility with their name, address, as well as a phone number for contact tracing. Gym owners need to maintain this data for up to 28 days to provide to the state if necessary.

Six Feet Apart

Six feet of distance is a requirement at all times. If the actions being carried out within the gym does not allow for six feet of distance, it should be prohibited. Gym owners also should be modifying the spacing of equipment and such to help to ensure the distance between clients.

Cleaning Routinely

The other big factor in reopening gyms and safely in the state of New York is extensive cleaning. With the use of equipment, dumbbells, treadmills, and more, these are all surfaces with which COVID-19 can live. You need to hire and use professionals like Enviro-Master to help ensure there is adequate disinfectant on these surfaces.

By taking these steps, you as a gym owner can reopen safely in the state of New York. This can provide for a great environment for your clients to get in their exercise while following state and CDC guidance across the board in the COVID-19 world.

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