Enviro-Master Disinfection Services Update – Local COVID-19 Restaurant Guidelines for Tampa, FL

The novel COVID-19 or “coronavirus” pandemic has had a devastating effect on the United States, with over 230,000 deaths. Florida has been hit particularly hard, with well over 16,000 deaths as of the end of October. The virus outbreak also caused businesses, especially bars and restaurants, to close for months and then operate with severe social distancing restrictions. Restaurants have since been able to reopen at full capacity, but it is important to still follow certain guidelines in order to operate safely and prevent the need to close again. Hiring a commercial cleaning service in Tampa, Florida can help.

Florida’s State Regulations for Restaurants During COVID-19

In September, Gov. Ron DeSantis lifted all restrictions on bars, restaurants and other businesses in order to reopen the state’s economy. As of November 1, there are no current restrictions for the state in place regarding social distancing at food and beverage establishments. Regular restaurant hygiene restrictions apply, in accordance with the Food Safety and Sanitation Code.

What the CDC Guidelines Say

While bars and restaurants are only required to follow state rules, it’s a good idea to look at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines in order to prevent further virus spread among both customers and employees. As of October 29, the CDC states that indoor seating areas in restaurants are most at risk, and tables should be spaced 6 ft apart or more to prevent people from coming into close contact. The CDC also recommends that all staff members and patrons wear cloth face masks and wash / sanitize their hands regularly. Tables and seating areas should be thoroughly sanitized between customers. Outside seating and takeout / curbside pickup should be encouraged when possible.

How a Commercial Cleaning Service Can Help

Maintaining the cleanliness of your bar or restaurant is crucial even during normal times, but it is especially important during the COVID-19 pandemic. If the outbreak worsens or particular establishments are found to be the source of multiple infections, it is very possible that restaurants could be shut down once more. This is why many food and beverage business owners are turning to regularly scheduled commercial cleaning like Enviro-Master Services. This cleaning company offers a range of detailed sanitization and disinfecting services to thoroughly clean bars and restaurants from top to bottom, including electrostatic disinfection service that has been proven to kill viruses.

The Bottom Line

The ongoing COVID-19 has resulted in frequent changes for the food and beverage industry all over the nation, and Florida is no exception. Sadly, the Coronavirus outbreak is showing no signs of stopping in the U.S. anytime soon, and so there is reason to believe that the state could shut down businesses or impose restrictions again in the future. Utilizing commercial cleaning services in Tampa, Florida (like the experts at Enviro-Master Services) can greatly help by disinfecting restaurants and mitigating the risk. Schedule daily or weekly cleaning and disinfection services to make sure your business stays ahead of the curve!

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