COVID-19 Restaurant Guidelines in Trenton, New Jersey

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is unprecedented and has resulted in restaurant closures all over New Jersey. While food and beverage establishments have since been able to reopen in the Garden State, there are numerous restrictions that must be followed in order to do so safely. If you own or operate a bar, restaurant, cafe, diner, or other such establishment in Trenton, NJ, it’s important to understand what the local regulations require in order to make sure you can stay open and free of issues.

You probably already know that restaurant employees are required to wear face coverings and sanitize as frequently as possible. Here’s what else you need to know about the current legal restrictions and how you can meet them:

Outdoor Dining Rules

The two main restrictions to know about outdoor dining is that tables must be placed at least six feet apart, and no more than 8 people can be seated at each (with the only exception being family members from the same household). Reservations for both outdoor and indoor dining should be encouraged, and you are asked to take down phone numbers when possible in order to assist with contact tracing (if necessary).

All staff should wear masks even when working outside, and tables should be sanitized and disinfected between every group of customers (a commercial cleaning service can do an extra thorough job in between open hours).

What Does Indoor Dining Look Like?

Gov. Phil Murphy announced on August 31 that NJ restaurants would be able to reopen for indoor dining in September, albeit with even more rules than those with outdoor dining. Just as with outdoor dining, indoor tables are required to be a minimum of six feet apart, with capacity capped at 25 percent. Seating at the tables themselves is likewise limited to no more than 8 people at once, with exceptions allowed for family members from the same household. Customers should be wearing masks whenever not seated and actively eating or drinking, and they are not allowed to consume any food or beverages when not seated. When possible, windows should be open and fans should be used to help circulate air.

How Commercial Cleaning Services Can Help

Using disinfection services and sanitization services in Trenton, NJ is not required for either indoor or outdoor areas, but it is recommended. Likewise, local restaurants are also able to invoke their own additional restrictions (such as not allowing more than 8 people at a table even if they are from the same household) on top of the state-required ones.

In addition to setting up sanitizer stations and making sure you are disinfecting surfaces between customers, one of the best things you can do right away is schedule regular commercial cleaning service. For bars and restaurants in the Trenton, NJ area, Enviro-Master Services offers a range of commercial cleaning services specially focused on helping local businesses reopen and run smoothly for both staff and customers. Specifically, Enviro-Masters provides electrostatic disinfection services and other advanced COVID-19 cleaning services to keep restaurant interiors (including the bathrooms) clean and safe.

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