Enviro-Master Disinfection Services Update – Local COVID-19 Restaurant Guidelines for Washington DC

The year 2020 has been hit by a deadly COVID-19 virus that has taken several companies from business and wavered the global economy. According to recent research by the Department of Health, diners in restaurants affected by the Virus made 24.9 percent of COVID-19 victims. For this reason, Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the American Department of Health came up with guidelines that have significantly reduced the effects of the virus in restaurants.

To help your restaurant stay in business and adhere to the Department of Health’s guidelines, Enviro-Master in Washington, D.C. is offering you top-notch commercial cleaning services. These services will help you maintain a safe and secure environment for you, your employees, and your customers.

The following are simple guidelines provided by the CDC and the Department of Health to ensure the safety of all citizens and minimize the spread of coronavirus.

Employee Hygiene

All restaurant and bar employees are expected to wash their hands with running water and soap before and after handling food, after visiting the restroom, after disposing of garbage, after coughing or sneezing, and after removing gloves. They are also expected to stay at home when feeling unwell and get tested regularly.

The other thing is that they should use cloth face coverings at all times when interacting with the customers of fellow employees. The restaurant should also be stocked with supplies like sinks, soap, paper towels and hand dryers, hand sanitizers, and tissue.

Our Hand Hygiene Program

A study done by the University of Colorado shows that our hands can harbor over 3,200 bacteria from 150 various species. Our company has a hand hygiene program that ensures protection for your staff and customers from dangerous pathogens by refilling your hand sanitizer and doing weekly equipment maintenance.

Facility Hygiene

Bars and restaurants have the responsibility to create a healthy and safe environment. This can be done by:

  • Frequent cleaning and disinfecting regular touched surfaces
  • Providing surplus items and work equipment to avoid sharing
  • Coming up with a disinfection routine for the premises
  • Training their employees on cleaning procedures and the right application of disinfectants

Our Electrostatic Disinfection Services

Our company applies an EPA enumerated disinfectant to exterminate some of the most fatal pathogens like COVID-19 and Norovirus. The electrostatic sprayer disperses a positive charge on the sanitizer and remains on the surface for a long hence killing all pathogens that come into contact with the surface.

Our Restroom Cleaning Service

Commercial restrooms are known to be one of the notorious epicenters for viruses and infectious diseases due to their multiple users. The restroom surface might look clean but still harbor millions of pathogens. Our company offers restroom cleaning surfaces where we disinfect the restrooms with powerful sanitizers that are harmful to pathogens but safe to humans. We work hand in hand with your janitorial team to ensure you and your staff are in a safe environment.

Protecting yourself, your employees, and your customers from infections and deadly virus is one of the best ways to boost your business and deepen your relationship with your staff. With our support, you will run the business effectively without risking the lives of your staff and customers and still avoid problems with the Department of Health.

If you are looking for quality commercial cleaning and COVID-19 disinfection services, contact us at Enviro-Master in Washington, D.C.

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