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From the Wizard of the Coast headquarters to the Boeing facilities, our community is fast becoming the pride of King County. With a population of over 100,000 and some of the largest manufacturing plants in the area, we are a city that knows how to assemble and get productive. We provided the lumber materials to build the US and powered the success of the country through our coal mining. Renton has always been dedicated to keeping us together and going strong

That is why in the age of coronavirus, the community has to find a way to keep working together safely. With more than forty years of experience in going beyond surface cleaning, Enviro-Master Services of Seattle is your answer for commercial cleaning services in Renton. We have the expertise to eliminate the guesswork around protecting your business from ongoing viral threats. We offer many electrostatic disinfection services like our COVID cleaning service, bathroom cleaning service and tile cleaning service.

What We Do

Virus Vaporizer™ Service

Disinfect any surface with an electrostatic treatment that kills SARS-COV-2 and 47 other viruses and bacteria.


Tile & Grout Deep Cleaning Service

Remove buildup on tile, between grout lines and other surfaces with our unique deep cleaning process.


Restroom & Hygiene Service

Restore your commercial restrooms and protect them against common diseases and viruses.


Protect your customers

Commercial Bathroom Cleaning Service

Of all the public areas within your business that could be breeding grounds for microbes, bathrooms are the most notorious. Germs, bacteria, and viruses all thrive in the caked and matted filth that can build up inside high-traffic restrooms. Even clean-looking facilities can host dangerous microorganisms, especially when every toilet bowl flush can expel particles almost 20 feet away.

Our weekly bathroom cleaning service provides a regular deep cleaning and disinfection treatment to go beyond clean surfaces. Our certified technician will remove the deep uric stains and grime that facilitate the growth of bacteria that create odor.

We further protect your facilities for the next week with a powerful Virus Vaporizer disinfectant and germicidal spray.  In conjunction with your daily janitorial service providers, we can help you make sure your bathrooms remain sanitary and safe for customers and staff.

Many clients use both the bathroom cleaning services and tile cleaning service because the Virus Vaporizer, which is also used in the electrostatic cleaning service, fully disinfects all surface areas in their bathrooms. Using both creates an even cleaner and looking restroom for your employees and customers.

COVID Cleaning Service

Adapting to changing circumstances is often the key to success in business. With a worldwide pandemic shaping the way we interact; many organizations have struggled to determine the best way to keep facilities safe and operational. While it may be tempting to go it alone, there is plenty of benefit to leaving the disinfectant duties to the experts.

For example, Enviro-Master’s electrostatic disinfection service is proven to kill many of the most dangerous pathogens including the COVID-19 causing SARS-CoV-2. In addition, our spray provides protection against Influenza (H1N1), Hepatitis, Salmonella, E. Coli, and Norovirus.

However, the best part is that the spray is harmless around food, non-toxic, and safe for the environment. It can be applied to any surface shared by the public or staff. That makes this COVID cleaning service perfect for foodservice companies and public eating spaces like break rooms and food courts. Because the treatment is non-corrosive, it can be applied weekly to keep high traffic areas decontaminated.

Take the Guess Work Out of Disinfection

For the best quality commercial cleaning services in Renton, trust Enviro-Master Services to go beyond the surface. We have the expertise and experience serving a variety of industries, including foodservice, healthcare, gyms, manufacturing facilities, and public offices. Contact us today to make a consultation appointment.